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We help clients bring services and products to the Internet. We create e-commerce strategies, business analysis and design solutions to increase online sales.

We are consultants, designers and developers sharing our passion and experience. We implement online stores, product catalogs and applications to support sales and after-sales service.

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What is AI and how can it revolutionize your PIM system?

In this post, we will introduce the concept of AI and explain how it can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your PIM system.


LemonMind Christmas Meeting - we help Hospice

We would like to wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas, an abundance of joy and smiles and all the best in the New Year. We hope you will spend it with your loved ones and enjoy all the charms of the holidays

19.10.2022 Is Showing How Unique They Are in The Software Development Industry

Software development is probably one of the most misunderstood industries in the digital world. Most people think it’s about technical proficiency when it depends more on creativity than anything else.


Pimcore with major funding

Pimcore closes $12 million series B led by Nordwind Growth


What is the BMEcat standard?

BMEcat is a directory exchange standard. It is based on XML, is fully open and has no fees, its latest version is BMEcat 2005.1.


What is the ECLASS classification system?

ECLASS is a classification system for products and services. It is the only one to use standardized features in accordance with ISO (ISO 13584-42 / IEC 61360 standard), which is why it is sometimes referred to as a common "language" for Industry 4.0.


What is the ETIM classification system and how does it work?

By using ETIM classification, product data has a defined structure that can be transferred to other systems, providing consistent product data across all distribution channels.


Classification standards in product information management

Product classification standards were developed to standardize and classify product data. This ensures that different distribution channels use the same language in their communications.


8 reasons why PIM is essential to your marketing strategy

Let's take a look at how a product information management (PIM) solution can enhance your company's marketing strategy.


5 rules you need to stick to in your company's data management process

The core principles of a solid data management strategy that will help control costs, minimize risks and improve business performance.


Digital Experience platform (DXP) vs traditional CMS

DXP is a platform that acts primarily as a central system for collecting data on user behavior, analyzing it, creating tailored content and, based on that, delivering that content to users in whatever channel they interact with the organization and information about its offerings.Read more about this innovation in the digital marketing market.


Own B2B e-commerce, and relationships with distributors

It is often the case that a manufacturing company, when implementing its own e-commerce, is concerned about the continued joint relationship with its distribution network. Is it right...?


What is a PIM system - which one to choose?

With the increase in the amount of products and content in the digital channel, a major problem arises - how to manage such a volume of product information? The process of entering and editing them takes more and more time for employees. With the help of PIM solutions - Product Information Management


The art of asking questions - surveys during website redesign

As designers, we want our designs to be as attractive as possible: technologically, stylistically and visually. This is not a bad approach - the world and technology are moving forward and we need to adapt to these changes. However, we often forget who we are designing for.


Social media in E-Commerce

Today, with social media booming, they are no longer just a way to increase brand awareness, but are advanced analytical tools and channels that bring conversions. The development of social media continues to add new features to them, and the number of their users is also increasing, thus increasing their possibilities for use in e-commerce.


Which platform to choose for an online store? Part 2

Different e-commerce platforms are best for companies with different requirements and resources. That is, how to choose a solution that fits your business? We present you with the second part of the article, which will help you choose the right system for online sales.


Which platform to choose for an online store? Part 1

One of the most important decisions we will have to make in the process of launching an e-shop will be the choice of the platform on which our store will operate. The first part of the article is before you.


Should a manufacturing company launch its own online store?

Running a manufacturing company is not a simple task. Huge competition, complexity of processes make only a few successful. Manufacturers often pay most attention to the development and improvement of the products they offer, putting less emphasis on the organization of the sales process.


Benefits of implementing CRM in e-commerce

Implementing Customer Relationship Management in e-commerce can bring a number of benefits to a company. In this post, we have included the most important ones.


Which e-commerce platforms are worth integrating an online store with?

Choosing the right e-commerce platform to integrate is often one of the factors that determine the success of sales. When running an online store, probably every e-tailer, has wondered whether it is worth it to start selling on large international e-commerce platforms.


What is Customer Relationship Management and how to use it in your company

Find out what a CRM system is and what opportunities it can give your company.


Change in labeling of AdWords ads

This week, Google changed the way it marks AdWords ads in search results. With each change, paid links are becoming more subtle.

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