Social Media in e-commerce part 1.

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Today, with social media booming, they are no longer just a way to increase brand awareness, but are advanced analytical tools and channels that bring conversions. The development of social media continues to add new features to them, and the number of their users is also increasing, thus increasing their possibilities for use in e-commerce.

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Social Media as a tool for collecting customer information

Knowing exactly what your customer's preferences and desires are is often the key to e-commerce success. The most popular social networks such as Facebook and Instagram provide detailed data about the fans of the page you are the administrator of.


The statistics show not only audience demographics such as age, gender and location, but also activity data, interests and the most liked competing pages. All this information, combined with advanced filters, is a great tool for segmenting and getting to know your customer accurately.


The information gained can be used to better tailor offers and promotions to the audience. In addition, with the Facebook Pixel tool, we can collect information about visitors and buyers in our online store, and then use it for analysis, audience creation and remarketing.

Social media in 2018 is a staple not an add-on to ebusiness. If you know the right methods to use them, they can become your main means of acquiring customers.

Where to find fan information?

You need to go to your Facebook advertising or business account, then untangle the menu from the top left corner and select Audience Group Statistics. Once we are on the statistics page, thanks to the filter settings in the side panel, we can study the data and preferences of the audience segments we are interested in. It's worth remembering that if you want to study detailed data on the preferences of your page's fans, it must have at least 1,000 of them.

Social Media as a way to directly attract customers

A well-run social profile, of course, performs its primary function, which is to increase brand awareness among the audience and build their interest through interesting and valuable Content. The company's completed metrics quickly provide the most important information for the customer, while posts, photos or videos showcase its activities and offerings . However, the role of modern Social Media should not end at this stage.


The most popular social media allow you to place call to action buttons on your page and posts. With CTA (call to action) buttons, an interested customer can easily click on the"buy now" button and go to the purchase page of a specific product, which significantly increases the CTR and conversion rate of this channel.


Facebook has greatly expanded this feature, and in addition to pooping, you can now put buttons on the page that redirect you to contact the company, book a service, download a mobile app and many other actions that can be crucial for business.

What else is social media worth using for?

Modern Social Media are often essential to the success of e-commerce. They provide a lot of valuable information about potential customers and significantly increase sales, however, their role does not end there.

Social media also provide unique opportunities for interaction and contact with customers that can translate brilliantly into customer satisfaction and results, which will be discussed in the second part of the article.

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