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Key features

Advanced configuration rules

Flexible modelling of configuration steps. Component base management of complex products. Definition of rules and dependencies. Modelling of pricing rules and pricing matrices.

Visualisation of a configured product

Visualisation of products during configuration or of the complete product at the end, will enable the customer to envisage the final product, bringing them much closer to making a purchase decision in 2D and 3D.

Comprehensive handling of online sales

A single platform handles online sales comprehensively. The homogeneous solution provides a holistic view of configuration options.

Full integration with ERP system

Integration with ERP: export of contractor files, orders and offers, including in EDI format, synchronisation of order status.

Modern graphic interface

unique possibilities for building modern graphic interfaces unmatched by ERP quality characteristic of modern online shops.

Handling a dealer network

The application enables the following to be included in the sales cycle: external salespeople, dealers, designers, installers and the target customer.

Full service for online payments

Integrations with electronic payment systems, credit cards, traditional and deferred payments.

Integration with couriers

Automatic transport advising, shipment status synchronisation, customer notifications.

Generation of offers/orders

Advanced offer/order generation capabilities optimise the work of sales staff both in-house and in the partner network.

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CPQ technology integrates configurators, selection programmes and e-commerce to optimise and automate the sales process.

This results in increased efficiency, reduced errors and faster deal closure. Using CPQ's personalised configurators, sales processes can be streamlined for both sales representatives and dealers. LemonMind's CPQ system simplifies dealer network management.


LemonMind CPQ works with Pimcore Enterprise.

Increased sales

The platform's 'digital advisor' function helps reduce service costs and increases sales by eliminating the need for staff involvement.

Saving time

It provides customers with the ability to personalise the product by interacting with it, allowing customisation of shape, size, geometry, colours and individual elements.

Ventilation system selection programme for Heatpex sp. z o.o.

Elimination of errors

The platform offers an end-to-end solution for online sales, giving a holistic view of configuration options, preventing erroneous orders, especially when dealing with multiple variants.

Dealer network support

Advanced offer/order generation capabilities allow you to optimise the work of your salespeople both in-house and in your partner network. You will maintain control over the quality of your sales materials, consistent design.

Heater configurator for Flowair sp. z o.o.

Modern B2B / B2C sales channel

With CPQ LemonMind, you get the launch of an online sales channel like those of the best online shops. Customisable graphical interface. Visualisation of the end product based on the configuration. Management of the website, shop, configurator - all in one place.

E-commerce / CMS / CPQ in one platform

Product configuration. Management of the sales process. Management of the customer and dealer base. Management of order processing. Creation of price lists, promotions, discounts. Sales in multiple currencies and countries. Advanced tax rules. Management of online product catalogue.

Configurator of sliding door systems for Laguna sp. z o.o.

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