Pimcore HealthCheck 360

A comprehensive audit of the Pimcore system.

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"Pimcore HealthCheck 360" is a comprehensive audit of the Pimcore system to identify weaknesses, performance issues and potential security risks.

The service is aimed at companies that have already implemented or are planning to implement a Pimcore system and want to make sure that everything is working according to best practice.

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Martin Broda

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+48 723 395 567

Configuration analysis

Verification that the system is configured according to best practice. Comparison of the current configuration with documentation and recommendations from the manufacturer and LemonMind good practice.

Performance optimisation

Audit of server resources, load and response times, with suggestions for optimisation. Report with suggestions for scaling, tuning and other measures to improve performance.


Analysis of potential security risks, including checking vulnerabilities, configuration, validity of main code and extensions used.

Integration with other systems

Assessment of the quality and effectiveness of integration with other systems in the organisation. Review of APIs, audit of data transferred between systems, speed and reliability tests.

Code analysis

Audit of code quality, structure and documentation. Code review by experienced developers, analysis of tools and libraries used.

User Interface Review

Analysis of the user interface in the context of usability and accessibility. Usability tests, user path analysis, design review.

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Estimated audit duration: 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the system and the availability of the client team.


The price of the service is set individually and depends on the complexity of the implemented Pimcore system, the number of integrations and the scope of the audit. Nevertheless, the cost of the audit is usually in the range of 2.000 - 5.000 EUR.

Course of the audit

  1. Carrying out the audit.
  2. Preparation of the audit report.
  3. Meeting with client including presentation of audit results.
  4. Presentation of a list of tasks to be implemented.
  5. Presentation of a list of recommendations for implementation by the client.
  6. The final report also includes estimated costs for repairs and system optimisation.




Find out how to increase the performance of your Pimcore system.


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Martin Broda

[email protected] 

+48 723 395 567

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