LemonHub.AI implementation for Ceramika Paradyż

Optimisation of operational processes related to the creation and management of product content

Ceramika Paradyż is one of the most innovative manufacturers of ceramic tiles.

The company's products are available in more than 50 countries worldwide. Since 1989, the company has been distinguished by bold design, precise detailing and a wide range of formats and types of tiles in various collections.

Ceramika Paradyż's product collections are complementary, offering customers wall tiles, floor tiles, slabs, clinkers, glass decorations, decorative elements and TRI-D quartz sinters in many formats.


Ceramika Paradyż regularly adds new products to the website and online shop, which requires creating new descriptions for the collections and products and translating them into several languages. Until now, this process involved high costs and consumed many man-hours of the company's employees.


The company has implemented LemonHub.AI tools from LemonMind, which include generative AI, including support for description development and text translation. The tools have been implemented in an existing PIM system and online shop, also developed by LemonMind.


Generative artificial intelligence for the PIM platform.

  • Attribute-based descriptions:
    Automated creation of product descriptions using attributes.

  • Automatic translations: 
    Seamless translation of text.

  • SEO metatags: 
    Generation of SEO-friendly metatags based on descriptions and attributes.

  • Text proofreading: 
    Correction of style and grammar for all content.

  • Engaging content: 
    Creation of product description content in compelling value language.

  • Image generation and recognition: 
    Automatic creation and tagging of product images.

  • Operations on multiple objects: 
    Tasks performed on multiple objects simultaneously.

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Results of our collaboration

Time savings

Improved efficiency

Saving money

Scalability and flexibility

Time saving: Automated processes significantly reduce the time needed to create and publish content.

Improved efficiency: Product information reaches customers more quickly, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement.

Saving money: Costs associated with creating and translating product descriptions have been reduced.

Scalability and flexibility: AI solutions from LemonMind are easy to adapt to different markets, new product types and forms of brand communication.


The implementation of advanced AI solutions from LemonMind allows Ceramika Paradyż to optimise operational processes related to the creation and management of product content and improve customer interaction. The automation of these processes brings tangible benefits in the form of time savings, increased efficiency and improved content quality.

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