What is the Pimcore platform and what problems does it solve?


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Pimcore is an advanced, professional, and highly scalable open-source platform designed to streamline and enhance the management and delivery of digital experiences across various channels. It integrates several core functionalities into a single platform to support a wide range of digital management and marketing needs.

At its core, Pimcore offers robust Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities, making it easier for businesses to manage, update, and enrich product data and information across multiple channels and platforms efficiently.

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Product information management

  • Need to swap files in several places.

  • Library of files - great chaos.

  • Difficulty in recognizing on which page a particular file / graphic is used.

  • Lack of ability to easily search / sort files.

  • Difficulty in replacing technical data in tables.

  • High labor intensity associated with replacing documents.

  • Outdated attachments on pages.

  • No versioning system for changes for sub-pages, graphic files, documentation.

Pimcore product information management platform

Management of marketing materials

  • Koncepcja dialogu PolbrukDifficulty in keeping consistent product information up-to-date and accessible to multiple employees (marketing, sales, installers, distribution, foreign employees).

  • Scattered product information.

  • Difficulty in maintaining order in marketing, sales, technical materials.

  • Difficulties in implementing material localization (preparing and managing materials for specific markets).

  • Lack of workflow and management of the process of creating and issuing materials.

Pimcore CMS platform

Managing an online product catalog

  • Product information management (PIM).

  • Management of language versions.

  • Translation of content across language versions.

  • Management of digital assets (photo, video, catalogs, technical documentation).

  • Synchronization of photo/video content between language versions.

  • Management of documents and attachments: catalogs, technical documentation PDF, DOC, ZIP.

  • Need to manage the process of content development, approval and publication.

Pimcore digital assets management platform

What difficulties does Pimcore help solve?

If you have tens or hundreds of thousands of products in your product line, manage an online store or an extensive product catalog website, you've certainly seen more than once what difficulties and challenges such sites pose to the marketer in terms of content management.

Product Information Management (PIM/MDM)

PIM is a central data repository, the so-called "source of truth" about a product, which provides consistent, error-free and always up-to-date data to other systems.



Digital Asset Management (DAM)

A structured repository of digital assets such as photos, videos, files, attachments, advertising folders.

The Pimcore platform includes:

Pimcore diagram

Content and user experience management (CMS / UX)

Used to manage most corporate and product websites.






Running your own online store in the form of B2C or B2B and omnichannel solutions.

Pimcore is:

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PIM product information management system

  • Central data repository (MDM), in which it enables in a simple way product information management (PIM). It systematizes and structures product data.
  • Information in digital form, easily accessible to other systems, users.
  • Supports Omnichannel strategy, enabling data to be used in any distribution channel.
  • Ensures data quality and consistency with tools to check the completeness of product information.
  • Organizes the process of creating product information for technical, marketing and sales departments.
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Class Enterprise CMS content management system.

  • An integrated platform for preparing and publishing content for a website.
  • Facilitates the process of creating language versions.
  • Allows you to create personalized content.
  • Allows easy organization, review and updating of resources.
  • Facilitates metadata management.

DAM digital asset management system

  • Enables management of digital assets such as photos, videos, PDF, DOC, XLS, ZIP files.
  • Facilitates access from anywhere to anyone in a controlled manner. 
  • Helps control current versions of digital assets.
  • Allows you to restrict access to specific employees or outsiders.
  • Allows media transformation and photo editing, as well as thumbnails and alternative versions.
  • Facilitates searching and locating resources.
Plik PDF

System for generating up-to-date PDF catalogs

Enables the creation of product folders and catalogs containing always up-to-date information based on product data from the PIM module.



Flexible e-commerce platform

Pimcore provides an excellent e-commerce platform that will work wherever other e-commerce systems do not have sufficient customization for individual ordering processes. It is an ideal solution for B2B platforms, ordering and inquiry systems, selection programs extending their functionality with online product ordering capabilities.


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Marketing automation system

Enables targeting and personalization of content, e.g. on a website, based on the behavior of users visiting the site.

Pimcore platform implementations

At LemonMind, we help medium and large enterprises grow technologically. We are an IT company that implements the digitization of marketing and sales. We support our customers by providing them with solutions that optimize their product work: product websites and services, product configurators, product selection systems, product sales, PIM / MDM / DAM solutions. We are not limited by the number of data sources or the number of distribution channels.

The more products, the more time can be saved for the company to manage product data, for the customer to find and configure the product, or to reduce time to market. We believe that time is the most valuable resource a person can have, and a person is the most valuable resource of an enterprise. We have a limited amount of time, this currency cannot be bought up, accumulated for the future or passed on to posterity. It can be exchanged for money, lost irretrievably or saved. At LemonMind, we will help you save time for your employees and customers. 

The platform we have been implementing for many years is Pimcore. Thanks to its large number of functions, this tool has a wide range of applications, allowing us to fulfill all the needs mentioned above. Adding to the flexibility the modularity of this platform, we get a simple tool for complex projects. Our clients loved this platofrma so much that we gave up on implementing other tools.

We are a Pimcore silver partner, and our team continues to increase the number of certified developers, currently making up the largest group of certified Pimcore developers in Poland. 

Implementation stages

Conceptualization of the implementation analysis and launch of the basic installation of the Pimcore system:

Podpunkt 1 na stronie

Establish the business and operational objectives of the project.


Podpunkt 2 na stronie

Introducing the client to the implementation assumptions and how the Pimcore implementation will be carried out.


Podpunkt 3 na stronie

Analysis of the product information management process.


Podpunkt 4 na stronie

Development of a detailed solution architecture.


Podpunkt 5 na stronie

Preparation of the deployment environment: server, basic system installation.


Companies that have implemented Pimcore

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