Product data management at GTV S.A. : implementation of ETIM and BMEcat into Pimcore

GTV Poland S.A. is a company with almost thirty years of experience and is a leader in the furniture accessories and lighting industry. It operates on a global scale, in 70 markets - Asia, Europe, North and South America and Africa. It provides customers with high-quality products on a daily basis, constantly expanding its portfolio with new solutions.  GTV offers more than 12,000 products, including furniture accessories, decorative accessories, sliding door systems, components for upholstered furniture and investment and decorative lighting.

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Why ETIM and BMEcat?

In the present changing environment, where data accuracy and speed of communication are crucial GTV Poland S.A. made the decision to automate distributor communications in the most effective way.  The business made its choice to implement BMEcat and ETIM standards into the Pimcore system.
An international standard called ETIM (European Technical Information Model) is used to describe the technical characteristics of electrical products. This standard's introduction makes it possible to communicate technical product information in a consistent and understandable way, which is essential for the GTV’s industry.
Yet, BMEcat is a product data exchange format that makes information transfer between multiple platforms much easier. When used in connection with Pimcore, it allows an effective management of product data, and improving logistical and commercial processes. 

Pimcore and ETIM system:

The Pimcore system at GTV provides a central location for storing, editing and sharing product data. As a result, information from Pimcore — an advanced tool for managing product information — can be precisely mapped to ETIM features and sent in a specific BMEcat format. As an outcome, the time needed to launch new products into the market is cut down, and human input errors are eliminated. 

Mapper automates the process of filling in ETIM characteristic values and assigning ETIM classes to products:

The LemonMind team has developed a customized mapper tool to help with the transfer of a given product category to the relevant ETIM class as part of the ETIM implementation. This solution automatically links the relevant ETIM characteristics with the characteristics associated with a given category.
Automation allows you to quickly and accurately assign categories and characteristics to products, giving them defined ETIM classes (assemblies of characteristics) and corresponding ETIM characteristic values. This process is based on an intelligent algorithm that analyzes relationships between characteristics and products. As a result, the time of manual entry of data related to the ETIM classification is significantly reduced, which has a beneficial effect on operational efficiency.      

ETIM Mapper not only speeds up the process, but also significantly reduces the risk of making errors with manual data entry. Error reduction is essential, especially when it comes to product classification, where accuracy and consistency are crucial. The application of this solution is a positive step toward improving the process needed for classifying products in alignment to ETIM standards. It enhances data quality and simplifies the entire process of managing product information.

Michał Garwacki

IT Director GTV Poland S.A.

"The development of our central product information management system - PIMCORE - to ETIM and BMEcat standards is another step in our strategy of communicating complete product data with our global business partners.
With the new ETIM Mapper in the Pimcore system, we have successfully automated the process of assigning product classes and characteristics, so that we can manage product information and communicate it effectively within the framework of the international ETIM standard.
With this automation, we eliminate manual data entry, which reduces the time required to prepare data according to the ETIM classification, while minimizing the risk of making errors. In addition, thanks to the use of the BMEcat format, we have achieved uniformity and consistency in the communication of product information both in the domestic and foreign markets. Thank you for the commitment and contribution of all those involved in this implementation."


Benefits for GTV:

Uniform specifications: The ETIM standard provides uniform and comprehensible descriptions of technical specifications, eliminating communication ambiguities.

Process Automation: The implementation of BMEcat and Pimcore enables efficient data transfer between systems, eliminating the need for manual information management.

Faster product availability: Through improved logistics processes, GTV can provide customers with even faster products.

Global availability: International standards allow GTV to cooperate smoothly with partners in different markets, adapting to local requirements.

Agnieszka Lipiec-Szeszko

IT Project Manager LemonMind Sp. z o. o.

"The Pimcore system at GTV Poland S.A., as a central product data system, perfectly supports the implementation of the ETIM standard. With consolidated data, we quickly implemented the mapper to automatically assign products to ETIM classes. Implementing an international classification standard, such as ETIM, is the ideal solution for GTV, which offers tens of thousands of products and operates globally. This makes it easier to exchange technical information with sales partners, distributors in different markets and distribution channels.
In addition, the introduction of support for generating mapped product data on ETIM classification in XML format, using the BMEcat standard, reduces the time of information exchange. This is crucial not only for efficient data dissemination, but also for the automation of e-business areas and the reduction of the costs of operating these processes."


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