PIM system with Digital Commerce module to sell customizable products in a personalized way.

Holzpiloten is a German manufacturer of loft solid wood furniture made to measure. The company is dedicated to combining wood and steel in furniture to bring its customers ideas and dreams to life.


  • PIM Implementation
  • E-commerce
  • AI / UX Design
  • ERP integration

Project summary

To realize their mission at a higher level, Holzpiloten needed software that was as flexible and customizable as their products. You can choose from different wood species, shades, sizes, surface finishes, edge finishes, tops with or without knots.

In addition to wooden custom furniture, the site also offers other home furnishings, including lamps and seating furniture to match the style of the products.


Due to specific requirements, standard e-commerce platforms did not meet expectations and those that were able to meet them required a lot of work. What was needed was a platform that does not impose its structure and easily allows the creation of any data model, open to modification in the future.

Pimcore offered not only a flexible product model, but also a flexible ordering process. Holzpiloten's customer service is also personalized, maintaining customer relationships is more direct and the steps that are possible in most e-commerce platforms do not convey the uniqueness of Holzpiloten's approach.

The previous e-commerce software which was Magento 2, did not meet these expectations limiting the company's growth. The goal was to build a solution to sell customizable home furnishing products in a personalized way in a short period of time.


The system used until now was Magento 2, so data had to be migrated from there. Once the data structure was changed in PIM, the products were ready to be displayed on the site, which also had to be adjusted for greater flexibility and personalization. Hence, it was also within the scope of the solution to design the graphical interface of the product configuration and transfer the existing layout to Pimcore. Here PIM became the CMS again using its incredible flexibility.

In addition to moving the graphics, new graphic elements were designed. They refreshed the look, which still uses Holzpiloten's amazing photography and visual identity. The last part was the implementation of the Digital Commerce module, thanks to its flexibility, the order process can be customized with a unique order handling process. This allowed for the automation of CRM area, without compromising on its standardization and transferring it 1:1 as it was before.


Before implementation, we focused on a detailed analysis of product models, which have 34 configurable features, giving 258 choices. This number does not take into account the dimensions, as they are different in each product, e.g. the width of a table top can be 40-140 cm and the length 60-400 cm; that's another 440 choices. Taking into account the possible legs and tabletop accessories, each table can be configured in several thousand versions.

Thanks to a special approach, features can be created dynamically, allowing the future to add new features with little effort. The product card will always present the selected options, even if they are not currently in the system.

Thanks to the implementation of the flexible Pimcore platform, the goal has been achieved. The result of the cooperation with Holzpiloten is a tool that offers a wealth of possibilities, supporting in the comprehensive management of products, digital assets, customer relations and orders.

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