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Software development is probably one of the most misunderstood industries in the digital world. Most people think it’s about technical proficiency when it depends more on creativity than anything else. Our philosophy is that everything starts with an idea. Even all the most technically complex systems won’t mean anything without an underlying idea bringing it all together and dictating what it’s next steps are going to be.

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Since we’re the service provider in this equation, the ideas will primarily come from our clients. We focused on giving our partners the most power they’ve ever experienced on a project when they work with us. 

This is the biggest reason why Lemonmind.com is one of the top Polish developers on Clutch. They are a B2B review platform that lets companies leave reviews of other businesses they worked with. One of the most common positive points people bring up when they talk about our work is how we understood their needs and gave them exactly what they needed.

This is because we’ve built a team that aims more on being versatile. A novel approach to be sure, but its something that allows us to drill down on what our clients are looking for and give it to them.

Fortunately for us, it’s something that’s proving to be quite popular and we hope to ride the momentum of these reviews and ride all the way to the peak of the industry.

Those who are unfamiliar with what we do here at Lemondmind.com, we design and implement PIM, CMS, eCommerce, DXP, MDM, Marketing Automation systems on the Pimcore platform.

We introduce digital transformation in Product Information Management, Master Data Management, Enterprise Content Management, B2C / B2B eCommerce, Digital Experience, Marketing Automation, online product catalogs, product configurators, PDF document generators.

We provide comprehensive services for the implementation of corporate websites, product websites, online stores, intranet systems, dedicated applications ticket handling systems, monitoring systems, correctness of websites.

We support our clients from the stage of concept development, through design, implementation and implementation, maintenance and promotion on the Internet.

Learn more about these services and how they can apply to your own business by visiting our website. Have a project that’s been brewing in your mind lately? Tell us about it and we can talk about how to turn that idea into a viable product.

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