Choosing the right e-commerce platform for integration is often one of the factors that determine the success of a sale.

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When running an online store, probably every e-tailer, has wondered whether it is worth it to start selling on large international e-commerce platforms.

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Immediate access to hundreds of millions of potential customers and a relatively low barrier to entry seem very attractive to the average e-store owner in Poland. However, before embarking on an overseas expansion, it is worthwhile to analyze the available opportunities more closely and, leaving aside the technical issues, figure out which platform best suits our needs.

E-commerce platforms operating in Western Europe

Probably the most popular and also the largest marketplace in the world. In terms of sales value, it is rivaled only by the Alibaba group of shopping platforms, and arguably between these companies, there will be a duel for dominance in the e-commerce industry. Amazon, in its early years, operated as a typical online store selling books. Over time, it became a giant in the e-commerce industry, offering almost every type of assortment. After years of operation, leveraging its reach and brand, it also opened a marketplace - a place for e-commerce owners, manufacturers and distributors. Today, almost anyone, can create an account on Amazon and start selling on this platform. Amazon operates in 13 countries, on almost every continent. In addition to the platform itself, the company also offers so-called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), a logistics and warehousing service aimed at sellers listing their products on Amazon.

Here are some interesting statistics about this platform : - United States
Number of page views September : 2.3 billion.

Amazon US screen - UK
Number of page views in September : 420 million.

Amazon UK screen - Germany
Number of page views in September : 392 million.

Amazon DE screen


Ebay is an online auction site, founded in 1995 in the US by Pierre Omidyar. The company currently operates in 37 countries, offering the opportunity to sell and buy a very wide range of products. The business model on which the service is based is very simple. Ebay takes a commission on sales, the cost of which is borne by the seller. The service is completely free for buyers.

Here are some statistics about this platform : - United States
The number of page views in the month of September is 1.1 ml - United Kingdom
Number of page views in September: 383 million - Germany
Number of page views in September : 234 million

E-commerce platforms available in Poland

Zalando - It's a closed marketplace that, caring about the high quality of the assortment it offers, selects only those sellers that offer brand-name products. Zalando, founded by the Samwer brothers similarly to Amazon, started out as a typical online store, the difference being that instead of books, it sold shoes and only after a few years of operation did it launch a marketplace for third-party sellers.


DaWanda - A marketplace for independent designers, small and medium-sized online store owners.


Etsy - The largest platform for so-called DIY (Do It Yourself) creators. Monthly visited more than 180 million times.


Pixmania - marketplace founded in 2000 in France, focusing mainly on the sale of electronics and children's toys


Fruugo - An international platform, offering more than 2.5 million items. It operates in most European countries and the US.


Hitmeister - A German marketplace focusing on trading electronics, DVDs, computer games and music.


Galerieslafayette - French platform bringing together exclusive brands. It is a closed marketpace - accepting only selected retailers.


Cdiscount - Founded in France, the platform now operates on 4 continents, generating a turnover of more than €1.6 billion per year (2013 figures)


Fnac - is the third most popular e-commerce platform in France with more than 15 million unique users per month. The most common products available on this platform are office supplies, toys, sports equipment and musical instruments


PriceMinister - part of the powerful Rakuten (Japan's e-commerce leader). The wide range of products offered attracts more than 22million users every month.


Asos- the London Stock Exchange-listed company that owns the platform, generated sales revenues of more than £1.1 billion in 2015. The platform brings together independent retailers, designers, offering exclusive clothing, footwear and fashion accessories.


Integrating an online store with international e-commerce platforms is a great opportunity to increase sales revenue. However, it is important to remember that not every platform is suitable for the chosen business model. We hope the above list will help you choose the right one.

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