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Synergy effect to increase company competitiveness

Polbruk S.A. is the largest manufacturer of paving blocks on the Polish market.

Polbruk S.A., as a leading producer of concrete materials in the Polish market, has been continuously creating space around the houses of thousands of Poles for over 30 years. The company specialises in the production of stylish pavements and small architecture, helping its customers to create their dream place on earth, full of good energy. 

Being a part of the international concern CRH, Polbruk benefits from the resources and experience of one of the largest suppliers of construction materials in the world, which allows it to constantly develop and introduce high quality products to the market. The company employs more than 750 people in 21 production facilities located throughout Poland. Thanks to its wide distribution network and the involvement of the best experts, Polbruk S.A. is a reliable business partner and market leader.


Polbruk regularly faces the need to prepare product descriptions for publication on the internet (PIM, website) and in printed materials (catalogues, price lists, leaflets). Preparing these materials and their translations quickly and efficiently has so far been a major challenge; these processes have been time-consuming and resource-intensive, delaying the introduction of new products and reducing the company's competitiveness in the market.

The company lacked an interactive customer communication tool that could accurately and attractively communicate product information to target customers.

The solution

Polbruk chose to implement content generation tools from LemonMind, which included automatic generation of product descriptions, automatic translation into multiple languages, and SEO metadata generation. Each of the tools integrated with the PIM system (Pimcore), implemented by LemonMind and used effectively by Polbruk for over 2 years.


Generative artificial intelligence for the PIM platform.

  • Attribute-based descriptions:
    Automated creation of product descriptions using attributes.

  • Automatic translations: 
    Seamless translation of text.

  • SEO metatags: 
    Generation of SEO-friendly metatags based on descriptions and attributes.

  • Text proofreading: 
    Correction of style and grammar for all content.

  • Engaging content: 
    Creation of product description content in compelling value language.

  • Image generation and recognition: 
    Automatic creation and tagging of product images.

  • Operations on multiple objects: 
    Tasks performed on multiple objects simultaneously.

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How did the project go?


Integration with the PIM System

LemonMind's tools have been integrated with the client's existing product information management (PIM) system. This integration enables seamless, automatic transfer of product data to the implemented mechanisms. Synchronisation with the product database in the PIM ensures that the implemented functionalities always have the most up-to-date product data.


Configuration and Customisation

The solutions were tailored to the company's specific needs, taking into account its unique communication style and preferences for content formatting and styling.


Staff training

We provided comprehensive training to the teams responsible for content management so that they could use the new tools effectively and maximise their potential.

Benefits for Polbruk S.A.

Time savings

Increased Effectiveness

Maintaining Content Quality

Scalability and Flexibility

Time savings: By automating the processes of creating and translating product descriptions, the company saves hundreds of hours that would have been spent updating descriptions and preparing translations. This allows new products to be launched faster and enables employees to be involved in other activities.

Maintaining Content Quality: The product descriptions that have been generated have become consistent with existing brand language, are attractive and tailored to the needs of customers, resulting in increased conversions.

Increased Effectiveness: New products are brought to market much faster, which has improved the company's competitiveness, allowed product information to reach customers faster and enabled it to respond more quickly to changing market trends.

Scalability and Flexibility: Solutions from LemonMind are flexible and scalable, allowing them to be easily adapted to different markets, new product types and new forms of brand communication.

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