Implementation of a dedicated product website based on PIMCORE system

Flowair Logo

Flowair is a company with 100% Polish capital, which is a producer of intelligent solutions for heating and ventilation products. For nearly 20 years of activity Flowair has become an expert in the HVAC industry. The brand is present in over 40 countries in Europe and Asia.


  • CMS Content Management System
  • PIM Product Management System
  • DAM Digital Asset Management
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Business expectations

As the company and its products are growing year by year. There is a need to create a website that shows the advantages of the company's flagship product which is the Rooftop Cube. The main goal was to show the most important advantages of the system for ventilation with heat recovery, cooling and heating in an attractive visual way. The client also expected that the implemented solution would allow easy and above all fast editing of the product website and the customer database. 


In order to show the capabilities and application of the rooftop system in an attractive way the implementation was based on the PIMCORE system, which enables building graphically unique interfaces for traditional and headless websites. 

One of the requirements was the need to quickly build and edit subpages. To make it possible, pages were based on block elements and brics. On the one hand, thanks to this solution, we can create websites relatively quickly, but we also give the client the possibility to create subpages on their own without the need of how to code. The continuous editing of documents is also so intuitive that the customer can make changes on his own. 

The PIMCORE system also allows us to optimize a website in terms of its speed in search engines. It also enables you to build a website taking into account the principles of SEO "on site". Thanks to the use of mechanisms for optimizing and editing graphic materials, they are adjusted to any device. The system enables automatic generation of photo thumbnails and takes advantage of recommended file formats such as webp. PIMCORE also allows users  for quick and intuitive fill in of metadata for pages or assets. 


The use of PIMCORE allowed us to create a modern website, which reflects the innovation of Flowair's product. The content is now presented in a dynamic and effective way. At the same time, the site can be quickly updated as the product develops.

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