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Polbruk S.A. is the largest paving stone producer in the Polish market. Over 25 years of the company"s operation, extensive implementation portfolio and experienced design department have strengthened its position as the industry leader. The company is part of the international group CRH plc - one of the key distributors of building materials in the world.

We started cooperation at the beginning of 2015. At that time, our client was completing the image refresh project, including the new website project. We were to deal with the technical implementation of the new website. The goal was to launch a content management system (CMS) that would allow efficient management of the corporate and product website, maintained in several language versions.

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Project goals

One of the main goals of the project was to increase traffic to the website. We planned to achieve this by making the site more attractive to users, improving usability and search engine optimization. We also decided to improve the information architecture because a simple, logical structure allows visitors to easily reach the information they are looking for.


An important aspect of the implementation of the website was the increase in visits on mobile devices observed in the website traffic statistics. Adapting the site for optimal display on smartphones and tablets not only significantly improves the comfort of visitors, but is also one of the factors affecting the site's position in search engines. The website was to be designed in accordance with responsive web design. Thanks to such measures, a modern, multifunctional site was to be created, which would not only emphasize Polbruk's image as one of the key manufacturing companies in the market, but also support product sales.


We implemented the project in several stages. The first consisted of a comprehensive launch of the content management system based on MODx CMS and the preparation of a Polish version of the website. The content management system was modified to allow easy management of subsequent language versions of the website. 


Subsequently, we prepared an advanced website translation management module for subsequent language versions. Thanks to cooperation with a translation agency, we created the next local versions of the website in a short time.


We ensured proper optimization for positioning and correct display on mobile devices. In addition, we created an easy-to-manage distributor search system, which allows users to quickly find a building materials wholesaler offering selected Polbruk SA products in a selected area.


Some figures

Number of language versions: 5

Increase in the number of visitors: 161%

Average session time increased by: 15%


Our creation is a modern, advanced website for a manufacturing company. The site not only promotes and informs about products, but also supports sales by helping to find the nearest distributors. The new site has brought very satisfactory results in the form of growth and improvement of its quality of traffic from search results. By building the site according to the best SEO principles, the number of visits increased by more than 50% and the average session time by as much as 60%. The new website has been very well received among Polbruk S.A.'s customers and partners.

Further cooperation

After the completion of the website implementation, we continue to work with Polbruk on the ongoing optimization of website conversions. We provide website traffic analysis services, optimization for positioning, recommend and implement online marketing activities. In addition, our proprietary 24/7 website monitoring system verifies the correctness of the website's operation, informing us immediately of potential problems.

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