An effective product database management platform for a leading HVAC distributor

Ventia is a leading distributor of products for the ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry in Poland. The company has gained a stable position on the market as well as trust of customers.


  • PIM for a distribution company
  • Product service
  • Product data modeling
  • UX / UI design
  • Pimcore
  • Digital Transformation

Project genesis

Ventia needed a new website that would allow easy management of a portfolio of over 40,000. products. The new solution was to become not only a website but also an important element of the sales process.

Business need

The current website of Ventia was based on the classic CMS system, which did not meet the requirements of the product structure expanded by tens of thousands of items. Important from the customer's point of view was the possibility of creating individual websites of brands, of which he is the sole distributor in the country. The high degree of structural complexity and the large variety of product objects also required a module for quick updating of data such as price and availability.

The key requirement was also the migration of the full product structure and its appropriate modeling in PIM and all data and materials related to the products. In addition, the new site was to become the center of knowledge and materials necessary for HVAC specialists.


Optimal PIM, DAM, CMS platform

The introduction to the work on the project was to get acquainted with the client's requirements and the selection of appropriate tools. Pimcore turned out to be a comprehensive solution that addresses all functional and technical requirements in one platform.

The main challenge was to migrate over 40,000 products with their complex data structures. The creation of a dedicated module made it possible to carry out this process automatically. The new website is equipped with reporting tools through integration with 3rd party solutions

After few scoping sessionc, we've conducted in-depth analysis of the product and user data. The front-end design was based on mock-ups analyzed with the client and tested on users.


The newly created service allows HVAC specialists and engineers to familiarize with a wide range of ventilation and air conditioning solutions and obtain comprehensive support in the selection process and further use of products. The website allows the customer to intuitively find proper product items among a large variety of catalog offer.

Ventia has obtained an effective tool for generating B2B leads and managing an extensive database of products and related materials.

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