The concept, design, and implementation of B2B lead generation tools for the manufacturer of the Heatpex Aria ventilation and recuperation system.

Heatpex is a producer of a modern Aria system for ventilation and recuperation of single-family houses, a system of pre-insulated pipes and casing pipes for electrical applications. By focusing on long-term relationships with contractors, the high technical level of designed solutions combine with efficient investment and after-sales process support. In order to provide innovative solutions, the company constantly cooperates with prestigious scientific and technical institutions.

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Project goals

Online assistant to increase B2B lead generation

For increased B2B lead generation a system selection program was implemented. This online assistant for ventilation engineers uses the comprehensive setup of Pimcore tools combined with a custom made headless front-end. Pimcore partner LemonMind delivered PIM, customer and order management.


Pimcore is an effective source of operational and analytical data in the manufacturing industry

The client came to us with a need of creating a concept for how to use modern digital marketing tools to help their customers adapt the way of designing ventilation systems for their customers using ARIA product line and to create a solution for online B2B lead generation.

New Heatpex product line called ARIA meets, as one of the first on the market, the most restrictive installation tightness class: ATC 1. This ensures low operating costs and the highest air quality for users. This best of breed system needed a proper support in digital marketing and innovative solution that could help engineers, new to the product, to quickly adopt the process of ventilation system design with use of ARIA system.

We used the Pimcore system (API) as the basis for collecting data and performing program calculations. The choice of Pimcore as a platform for maintaining and operating the site with the Heatpex product selection program was supported by additional functionalities that the finished project was to provide. The main value for a user who creates one or more ventilation projects is the ability to save projects in the system, their reuse and modification in the future, and download as a pdf file prepared for printing. Thanks to the built-in Web-to-print functionality in Pimcore, the document with the finished executive design of ventilation systems, including all necessary products, is automatically generated in the system based on the full product base.


The Pimcore tools ensure ease and effectiveness of further use of the entered product information for both operational and analytical purposes.

Our concept was to deliver an online selection program for complex ventilation systems with additional management panel for engineers which could help them automate and organize their work with system setup and preparation of beautiful and high-quality system installation project plan they could print or send to their clients. Our client called this system ARIA PLANNER. When used: simple and intuitive even for not tech-designers, can help to quickly and with no mistakes set up a list of needed elements and their quantities based on type and size of the house rooms.

We’ve decided to use Pimcore as the strong fundaments for managing product data and managing user account and projects created by engineers. For the user interface, we’ve implemented headless front-end for collecting data and performing system calculations connected with Pimcore with its strong API generation capabilities. Designed front-end uses Content-as-a-service methodology build on Pimcore framework.

The main value for a user who creates one or more ventilation projects is the ability to save projects in the system than reuse it and modify it in a simple and fast way in the future. What is more, we’ve prepared high-quality PDF product selection and installation guideline which is generated dynamically based on specific project parameters.

Thanks to the Pimcore built-in Web-to-print functionality, a document with a beautiful executive design is automatically generated based on product content managed by PIM. The document represents all information and guidelines for the end-customer, including products with their calculated quantities and prices chosen from the Aria system catalog, needed for building house ventilation. The important role of our online selection program was to collect valuable sales leads and analytical data. Users get a handful design tool which encouraged them to create accounts and leave contact details. Thanks to that we’ve delivered a modern B2B lead generation solution for our client.

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/ Digital Assets Management

The graphic design of the generated document was prepared by our UX and UI specialists. In addition to the basic technical data, it also contains additional information useful for those responsible for the implementation of ventilation systems, which further affects their positive experience in working with Heatpex Aria products. The user interface design (front-end) was based on the Vue.js (JavaScript) framework. We obtained efficiency, speed and trouble-free operation of the program by placing it on Google Cloud Platform servers.


/ Vue.js

/ Google Cloud Platform

Lead generation

Functionalities such as Web2print effectively support sales and marketing activities

Engineers get familiar with our client"s ventilation system quickly and without a need for deep technical product knowledge.

As ARIA PLANNER is a very handy tool engineers use it with pleasure, create accounts and leave valuable sales leads for our customer.

Cooperation on the project

Constant exchange of information with the customer and knowledge of the HVAC industry was the basis for positive user experience

It was particularly important in the initial and further stages of the project to collect requirements for the project effects and the operation of the Assistant itself. At each stage of the work, we kept exchanging information with the client. The key to this project was conducting correctness tests performed by the calculation program and making necessary corrections. Simultaneously with the work on data modeling and correctness of calculations performed by the program, we created a graphic design of the website. To create the final visual version of the program page, we used a previously prepared clickable mockup and graphics. Due to the client's observations in the process of creating the mock-up and graphic design expanded to include our experience in working on projects for the HVAC industry, the implemented program includes a thoughtful and intuitive user interface (UI) that provides a positive experience of its use (UX).

Heatpex Aria widok projektu

Support and development

The completed program, after passing the customer tests, was implemented for use in October 2019. Since then, we have been constantly working on maintaining the system. Together with the client, we plan to further develop the program, which will be expanded with additional information for project contractors. An additional panel has been created to enable manufacturer representatives to manage users and projects and to provide analysis tools for sales engineers by providing them with valuable data, including in the production planning process. The acquisition of sales leads will also be supported by promotional activities conducted by our specialists.

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