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What is the LemonMind AI.Marketer?


LemonMind AI.Marketer is the latest innovative application developed by LemonMind that is a part of LemonMind AI.Hub - set of AI tools for generative and conversational AI. It is designed to seamlessly integrate Product Information Management (PIM) systems with cutting-edge artificial intelligence services, including ChatGPT, DeepL, and other AI technologies.


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Automatic text translation

Significantly speeds up the process of creating multilingual websites and product descriptions. Fast and efficient localization of product data.

SEO optimisation.

Generating tailored content for SEO strategy requirements. Identifying optimal phrases, improving content structure and readability.

Automatic generation of product descriptions.

Creating engaging and unique product descriptions. Using product features to create attention-grabbing and conversion-enhancing content.

Automatic proofreading of text for style and grammar.

Detects and corrects grammatical and stylistic errors. Ensures high quality texts and professional appearance of brand communications.

Text modification in the context of stylistics.

Adapting the text to a certain style and tone of communication, especially important when creating content tailored to different target groups.

Generating content written in the language of values.

Create content that focuses on product values and benefits, making communication more compelling.

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How does this work?

Our application acts as an intermediary buffer between PIM systems and advanced AI-based translation and text generation services such as ChatGPT and DeepL. As a result, your teams no longer need to spend time manually translating texts or generating product descriptions, saving time and resources.

High quality translations and texts:

By using advanced AI technologies, LemonMind AI.Hub ensures high quality translation of texts and generated product descriptions.

Bundle - an extension installed in the PIM system gives access to advanced algorithms and models that translate texts taking into account the context, resulting in accurate and understandable translations and attractive texts describing products.

Flexibility and scalability:

Our application is flexible and scalable, meaning it can be adapted to different PIM systems and other AI services. We can tailor it to the specific needs of your business, providing the optimal solution for managing product content in multiple languages.

Personalisation and automation:

Our app allows you to personalise translations and texts describing your products based on customer preferences, and automates the translation and text generation process. In this way, you can tailor content to different markets and cultures, while saving time and resources.

Harnessing the potential of ChatGPT, DeepL and other AI services:

Our application harnesses the potential of advanced AI services such as ChatGPT, DeepL and others to translate texts and generate text describing products. We can also integrate other AI services, such as image recognition or sentiment analysis, to provide even more advanced and comprehensive solutions for your business.

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Martin Broda

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+48 723 395 567

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