Fresh and elegant, redesigned website. Rearrange of information architecture and navigation. Evaluation questionnaire, expert audit and i user interviews.


Medical University of Gdańsk (MUG) is the largest medical university in northern Poland. The school was founded on October 8th, 1945. Today MUG educates nearly 6000 undergraduate and postgraduate polish and foreign students.

We started cooperation with Medical University of Gdańsk in May 2016. Our main goal was to redesign a school website to more modern and intuitive. This task was challenging because of complicated information structure seprated to smaller services.


  • Expert audit
  • Evaluation questionnaire
  • User interviews
  • IA / UX Design
  • Visual design
  • Implementation

Diagnosis and concept

At the early stage of project I conducted a complex expert audit to better understand complicated structure of website. I also analysed web analytics to know most common user paths. Then I discussed our research results with client, including university authorities. Together we set up goals for new website.

The biggest challenge was to understand and rearrange a complicated information structure of website (actually several separate websites). MUG has a main page and many smaller websites. Every website has a individual sections and different information structure. Our main goal was to create a new, consistent information architecture and navigation, that could be universal for all web services.

To know opinion about website from actual users we created a online surveys and conducted an users interviews. We wanted to be sure that our concpet will be 100% user-friendly nad met their expectations. During the preccess we used User Centred Design approch.



After a complex research stage, with knowledge of users and clients expectations we set up main project goals:

  • Attract new candidates.
  • Creation a new image as a modern school.
  • Easier access to information for current students.
  • Implementation of a new and useful publishing tool.
  • Change the visual aspect of website. 
  • Website traffic optimalization.
  • Access to website from every device.

Thanks to complex research and analysis stage, we knew how users feel about old website, what their expectations about new one and what new functionalities they need.



With all the collected data and goals from the previouse research stage we started a design stage. We started with rearrangement of information architecture. We separted information to six main audience group. That solutions makes searching for information much easier. After we designed a main structure of website we started creating a mockup to show our concept. With new version of website we removed long side menu. it has been replaced by main menu with targeting to main user groups. All important element are now placed at the top of website, also easy to find on mobile devices.  



New graphic design refers to university tradition. It also highlights modern character of school. We created aesthetic and minimalist design both on desktops and mobile devices thanks to responsive web design. Based on mockups we prepared a few visual concepts with different color line. Client had chance to chose the one which  suited perfectly for Medical University of Gdańsk


Old website




In February 2017 we leunch new version of university website. New information architecture and navigation provides easy access to information. All main elements was adjusted to users preferences. Minimalistic and elegant design was appreciated by students and university's emplyee.

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