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Magento eCommerce is advanced and robust e-commerce open source platform. It is one of the most commonly used e-commerce solution chosen in Western Europe countries. Mostly it is used for B2C shops offering their product for an individual customer.

In case of B2B sales, where the product is offered for another company, distributor, Magento has some important limitations.

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That is why we have created a B2B sales platform, which is a combination of Magento platform and our extension that transforms the advanced shopping platform into the most flexible and customizable system for an online B2B sales solution for manufacturing companies.  

Current global sales trends, as well as the desire to implement the Omnichannel strategy, caused a rising demand for implementing modern solution supporting B2B sales model.  

For whom?

We offer for every manufacturing company that delivers their products primarily on the B2B model, where the sales process is more complex, including quotations, negotiations of payment and delivery terms. 


  • Quotation request instead of a standard order known from common e-commerce platforms.


  • Creation of individual price rules per client or per group of clients.


  • Ability to present selected products only for chosen clients.


  • Defining individual merchant credit for any client.


  • Posponed payments.


  • Ability to assign clients and their orders to a specific sales team member, account manager or agent.


  • Advanced order management for the sales department right from the platform management panel.


  • The ability to handle orders placed by any channel (web form, email, phone, FAX).


  • Price negotiations.


  • ERP, CRM integration.


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