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What is the LemonHub.AI?


LemonHub.AI is the latest innovative application developed by LemonMind, designed to seamlessly integrate Product Information Management (PIM) systems with cutting-edge artificial intelligence services, including ChatGPT, DeepL, and other AI technologies. Expanding its capabilities, LemonMind AI.Hub introduces a conversational website assistant, pre-trained on website content, to offer users real-time assistance and enhance user engagement. This assistant can understand and respond to user queries, making the website more interactive and personalized.

Furthermore, LemonHub.AI leverages automatic AI-driven data analysis to build sophisticated product data models for PIM systems. This feature allows for the automatic categorization, tagging, and enrichment of product information, streamlining the process of managing and updating product catalogs. The AI-driven approach ensures that data is consistently analyzed for patterns and trends, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on the latest market insights.


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Automatic text translation
Product descriptions generation
Image generation
Image recognition


Multilingual, conversational web assistant
Smart Search
Real-Time Interaction
Pre-trained with your data
Cost effective


Product data analysis
Automated ETL / EDA
Product model generation
Automated product data import to PIM 

How does this work?

LemonHub AI.Marketer

Your AI product marketer that works for you 24/7

Generative AI in Pimcore

LemonMind's latest PIM AI application acts as an intermediary buffer between PIM systems and artificial intelligence services.


What does the connection to PIM AI provide? 

  • Automatic generation of product descriptions.

  • Automatic text translation.

  • SEO optimization.

  • Automatic proofreading of text for style and grammar.

  • Modification of text in the context of stylistics.

  • Generation of marketing content written in the language of value.


LemonHub AI.Assistant

More than a search engine, AI Assistant that understands context and intent.

  • Smart Search Capabilities: Go beyond keywords with a search that understands context and intent.

  • Real-Time Interaction: Engage customers instantly, answering their queries with precision and personalization.

  • Learning and Adaptation: Leverages machine learning to grow smarter with every interaction, ensuring your customers always get the best responses.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Integrated with Pimcore, it uses your data to provide answers that are not just accurate but also highly relevant.


LemonHub AI.DataHarvester

Your AI partner in ETL and EDA process

AI Product Data discovery and Profiling

Prediction of data semantics and data types in different product data sources to automate building product data model in Pimcore and help to automate data migration, cleansing and transformation.


Advantages of LemonHub.AI

Saving time and resources

Our application acts as an intermediary buffer between PIM systems and advanced AI-based translation and text generation services such as ChatGPT, DeepL and Open Source language models. Thanks to this, your teams no longer have to spend time manually translating texts or generating product descriptions, which will save time and resources.

High quality of translations and texts

Thanks to the use of advanced AI technologies, our application ensures high quality translations of texts and generated product descriptions. We offer advanced algorithms and models that translate texts taking into account the context, which allows you to obtain precise and understandable translations and attractive texts describing products.

Flexibility and scalability

Our application is flexible and scalable, which means it can be adapted to various PIM systems and other AI services. We can adapt it to the specific needs of your business, providing optimal solutions for managing product content in multiple languages.

Personalization and automation

Our application allows you to personalize translations and texts describing products based on customer preferences, and also automates the process of translation and text generation. Thanks to this, you can adapt your content to different markets and cultures, while saving time and resources.

Using the potential of ChatGPT, DeepL and OpenSource LLM’s

Our application uses the potential of advanced AI services, such as ChatGPT, DeepL and others, to translate texts and generate texts describing products. We can also integrate other AI services, such as image recognition or sentiment analysis, to provide even more advanced and comprehensive solutions for your business.

Completely new approach to interaction with your E-commerce / Product Website

Integrated with Pimcore, it uses your data to provide answers that are not just accurate but also highly relevant. Save time of you sales and support team by introducing data-driven, pre-trained interactive assistant for your e-commerce website.

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