About us

LemonMind is a software design and implementation studio. We focus on delivering top notch software solutions with perfectly designed interfaces but we also support our Clients in online marketing.


LemonMind.com was found in 2008. We are based in Gdansk, Poland, Europe where World's history had turned. So maybe there really is something special in this place and we also feel that we can change the World a little bit. 

We focus on delivering top notch software solutions with perfectly designed interfaces but we also support our Clients in online marketing. We provide services in range of user research, user interface design for mobile and web apps, content management and dedicated apps development. 

We help to build effective strategy for your on-line presence. We cooperate with Clients with world-wide businesses delivering consulting, design and development services.

{ How do we work }

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    Stage I - Plan

    Did you know that: 2/3 of online shops are starting with minimal or even zero plan how to acquire a client? Every project we delivered is based on requirement analysis. We meet a project deadline because we believe in clear and constant communication with our clients.

    We create e-commerce strategies to grow your business. We analyze your idea using Business Model Canvas model. We create online marketing strategy for your business. We prepare technical documentation at the stage of planning.

    Our services:

    • e-commerce startegy 
    • business analysis
    • market research 
    • Business Model Canvas
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    Stage II - Analyze

    Modelling and analysis of user behaviour can help you define your client's preferences.

    We analyze the behavior of your website's users. We conduct usability test with users, interviews and surveys. We prepare reports with recomendation waht to improve on your website, online shop or app mobile.

    Our services:

    • user experience evaluation
    • analyze conversion paths
    • website audits
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    Stage III - Design

    Product usability is a key factor that determines customer' satisfaction. We always prepare website or app prototypes to discuss it with client and show to end-users. Thanks that we can be sure that our product will meet customers needs.

    We design information architecture, functionalities and user interfaces of websites and mobile aps. Our design process is compatible with ISO: ISO TR 18529:2000 "Human-centred lifecycle process descriptions". We can ensure you that product we made are design for user during every stage of project.

    Our services:

    • Information Architecture and User Experience design
    • Creating user stories, personas, experience maps
    • Designing wireframes, hi-fi prototypes
    • Designing user-friendly websites, mobile apps and online shops
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    Stage IV - Develop

    Agile software development is required to ensure that fit for purpose applications are delivered to customers quickly and efficiently.

    We develop Content Management System (CMS), online shops, mobile and web application. Our products are ready to use on every mobile device (responsive web design - RWD). We work with Scrum methodologies so we are able to deliver a working software as soon as possible. We implement MODx CMS system, Prestashop, Magento, eZ Publish. We use technologies such as PHP, Symfony, Yii Framework, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL.We

    Our services:

    • Corporate websites
    • Online shops
    • Integration with ERP, F/K, CRM
    • Mobile and web application
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    Stage V - Optimization

    The biggest marketing trend of 2017 is personalization. Personalization of products and marketing communication makes it easier to align with customer requirements. As they can now design specifically what they want, personalization boosts sales to a significant level and hence is being increasingly preferred by ecommerce businesses.

    We support our client with website and online shops optimization. We create online marketing campaigns. We optimize conversion rate. We support the maintenance and development of systems. We implement marketing automation solutions. We offer 24/7 monitoring services for the correct functioning of websites and online shops.

    Zakres usług

    • Conversion rate optimization
    • Search engine marketing(SEO/SEM)
    • Marketing Automation
    • Maintenance and development of systems
    • 24/7 Monitoring the correct functioning of websites and online shops

{ Testimonials }

  • mgr Ewa Kiszka Marketing Director Medical University of Gdańsk

    Lemon Mind is undoubtedly a team of professionals. They are passionate about their work and have enormous knowledge about user experience and website development. Launch of new website was made in accordance with the timetable. Lemon Mind proposed exceptional solutions for new website and they were open to our suggestions.

    For Medical University of Gdańsk we made a redesign of website. We used RWD approach to adjust website to mobile devices.

  • Alina Jakusz-Gostomska Marketing Area Manager Flowair

    LemonMind designed our new corporate website. Now they support us with development of website. We are very satified with the quality of services. We appreciate team experience, commitmend and timely execution of tasks.

    For Flowair we made a user experience research, information architecture design and clickable prototype. We also implement an advanced CMS system that allows to manage a multilingual website. We still cooperate with Flowair, supporting the develop of website. 

  • Agnieszka Kamińska Marketing Director Sprint SA

    Sprint SA has modern and intuitive corporate website thanks to huge knowledge and experience of LemonMind team.?

    For Sprint SA we made a redesign of corporate website. We focused on better presentation of company services.

{ Our clients }

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